Elora product preview: Waterbury Hospital


Anton/Bauer® retrofitted three of Waterbury Hospital’s Mobile Computing Carts (aka COWs, Computers on Wheels) with new Elora Modular Battery system. The carts were used in the Gastrointestinal Laboratory (GI Lab), where they do colonoscopies and upper GI endoscopies. The carts are used by the nurses to chart electronic medical records.

Here’s what Waterbury Hospital had to say about the new Elora Modular Battery System:

“The nurses really like that the Elora Batteries don’t need power cords. That freedom allows the nurses to be much more mobile, and they don’t need to worry about tripping over wires as they go from patient to patient. It adds a lot of flexibility to their daily workflow.”

“The Elora Charger is one of my favorite features. When you put a battery into the charging unit, UV LED technology aids in the disinfection of the battery’s surfaces, which is great.  It also has an indicator that glows green to show which battery has a full charge. The indicator starts out purple then goes to blue, so you know which ones were recently put back to recharge. That light is a great visual for us, so we can always grab the green battery and go! It definitely makes things easier for us and maximizes battery life as well.”

“I foresee multiple uses for the Elora Battery System in the hospital. I can see them on any type of device needing mobile battery power, especially as there is no power cord. With a fleet of them, they would offer great flexibility for our hospital’s battery workflow.”

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