Joe Richer from ALTUS confirms the Elora Battery System delivers on performance, quality and safety


Joe Richer

Director of Sales at ALTUS

We spoke to Joe Richer, Director of Sales at ALTUS to learn how the Elora Battery System improves the patient experience.

"I'm very excited about Anton/Bauer's new Elora Battery. It has many strong attributes. It's lightweight, swappable and very user friendly. The interface is great and it is completely modular, so the platform can be adjusted depending on the demands. I believe this battery is what nurses need to really get their job done properly."

The Pain Scale fuel gauge on the Elora is a step up. It gives you more stages to judge by and really helps you to better plan a battery swap. When you don't have to manage a battery or a cart, you can dedicate more time to managing care instead. And improving the patient experience is a top priority.

The Elora is a cordless battery system, so that offers a lot of benefits. Key among them is the way it addresses hallway egress issues. It gives you tremendous flexibility to be in code from a Joint Commission perspective. These new batteries directly address the hallway egress concern and can provide a system that promotes clinical adoption and code compliance.

Anton/Bauer has a long history and a tremendous reputation for delivering performance, quality and safety. The Elora really is a safer battery than what is out there currently. It passes real-world requirements, not just minimum standards.

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