Anton/Bauer Elora Battery System is a game-changer


Steve Shaheen

Add-On Data’s President and CEO

Since 1975, Add-On Data has been partnering with hospitals, doctors and other healthcare experts to provide hardware, software and various technology solutions for the medical environment. They have extensive experience with designing customized mobile solutions that allow users to optimize their workflow and create the most efficient working conditions.

Recently, Anton/Bauer® sat down with Add-On Data’s President and CEO Steve Shaheen to talk about their beta test of the new Elora Modular Battery System and why they think it’s a game-changer:

Q: What were your initial impressions of the Elora Battery and its concept?

A: Every once in a long while, a product enters the market that has the ability to positively impact the way hospitals work. The Elora Battery is a game-changer for the customers we serve. With the implementation of EHR technology, hospitals have become dependent on mobile devices, mobile carts, patient monitors, etc. Each of these devices has a battery and therefore, run-time problems. Nurses just want the battery to work. They want to focus on patient care, not battery management. The Elora’s modular design makes many of the currently experienced battery issues simply go-away.

Q: How do you see the Elora battery helping to improve workflows and increase flexibility?

A: Caregivers use several battery-powered devices as part of their workflow. When a battery fails, their workflow is compromised, forcing a work-around or the expense of purchasing more equipment. With the Elora, battery problems are gone and the hospital creates efficiency in workflow, IT Management and even in Purchasing. When carts, patient monitors and other equipment are powered by the Elora Battery, the equipment is available 24/7, IT can monitor battery performance via cloud-based software and purchasing can source one cross-compatible battery to power many devices.

Q: How will the benefits of a cordless battery system help your customers?

A: Customers will see great benefit, particularly because we have seen organizations crack-down on too many devices plugged-in to outlets. Some IT departments report that many of their carts fail because of broken cords. With a cordless option, the system is more flexible and easier to manage, resulting in fewer failures. I’ve also heard stories of patients tripping and falling over plugged-in power cords and without the cord, there is nothing to trip over.

Q: As a mobile cart integration company, why do you think the Elora Battery will be great for your customers?

A: The Elora Battery does everything a customer can possibly ask for. It integrates with all brands of mobile computer carts and several other device types, providing the opportunity for standardization within the hospital/facility. Overall, Anton/Bauer nailed it. They launched a system that does everything our customers ask for at a competitive price.

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