Anton/Bauer Launches Revolutionary Battery System for Point-of-Care Equipment

Anton/Bauer®, a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of mobile power systems for the healthcare industry, introduced its new Elora Battery System at HiMSS14. The innovative system is designed to dramatically transform battery management for point-of-care technology, specifically mobile workstations, regardless of AC or DC power requirements. The Elora Battery System features five modular components that can be configured into 36 unique combinations to power any device used in any workflow.

The Elora Battery System provides a flexible, scalable solution that can be customized to meet an end-user’s unique needs, budgetary requirements and performance expectations by utilizing its key modular components. The system’s features include:

  • High-capacity, 240 watt-hour (WH) Lithium-Ion battery. Weighing less than 4 pounds, this lightweight, impact resistant, ergonomic, and stylishly designed battery charges in approximately four hours, requires virtually no maintenance, and most importantly, provides 100 percent uptime. The groundbreaking Elora Battery builds on Anton/Bauer’s industry-leading technology, including advanced protection circuitry to ensure long battery life. The battery meets agency safety standards, such as IEC 60601-1 3rd edition, and other strict safety requirements.


  • The most advanced battery interface available today. The Elora Interface can be installed on any mobile workstation, is completely scalable and features a small form factor for easy battery installation and removal. Ergonomically designed and easy to clean, the Elora interface provides a secure fit to ensure the battery stays connected.


  • Innovative on-cart fuel gauge. Anton/Bauer’s patented system changes the way “remaining runtime” is communicated. The Elora Battery System features an LCD screen that displays remaining runtime using Anton/Bauer’s Battery Pain Scale. As the battery is depleted, the icon will change from an easily identifiable “happy face” to a “sad face” when the battery system requires a charge.


  • Optional power supply. The system offers an optional AC power supply, allowing the user to configure a system that can be plugged into a wall outlet for charging, increasing the system’s flexibility.
  • Disinfecting charger cabinet. The innovative, disinfecting Elora charger is a wall mounted cabinet that can charge three Elora Batteries simultaneously, in approximately four hours. The cabinet features a proprietary Hygiene Assist System which aids in infection control. The “Smart Selection” feature illuminates a green LED light to indicate which battery should be used next to ensure proper cycling and maximized life.


  • To eliminate the headaches associated with battery management, the charger is Wi-Fi enabled to facilitate better fleet management. The Asset Management System (AMS) can also be used to monitor the performance of an entire fleet of batteries. The Elora Charger is designed to meet ADA corridor standards.

“The Elora System creates a whole new way to think about battery systems,” says Anton/Bauer. “This dramatic transformation in both design and management puts an end to the aggravations that hospitals have been forced to deal with. Our new, patented approach gives users the opportunity to configure a battery system that precisely meets their performance requirements across multiple types of devices. This system builds on our long-standing reputation for delivering quality, safety and reliability. By removing the countless interruptions and hassles associated with battery management, the Elora Battery System will help hospital IT managers drive down costs, increase point-of-care efficiencies, and enable nurses to better focus on patient care.”

The Elora Battery System is compatible with virtually any mobile cart (a workstation on wheels). While it is specifically designed to be future-compatible, it can also serve as a key part of a power refurbishment strategy. Anton/Bauer’s retrofit solutions can upgrade aging equipment and bring systems back to like-new performance standards. Older carts can easily be retrofitted with components of the new Elora system, providing a cost-effective solution.

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