Established in 1970, Anton/Bauer® is a leader in design, manufacturing, and testing of mobile power systems for use in Healthcare, film/broadcast and adjacent markets. With more than 40 years of experience, Anton/Bauer has gained an unrivalled understanding of battery system technology and power management. We produce rugged systems for real world use and our systems can be adapted to just about any situation where reliable, mobile power makes the difference. Whether it be in a hospital, on a movie set, or on top of a snow-capped mountain, Anton/Bauer’s Mobile Power Systems prove to be of the highest quality and reliability available. Anton/Bauer proudly holds many patents and awards for advancements in battery system technology, including an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development” and a Sci-Tech Academy Award®.

With the introduction of our breakthrough Elora System technology, users experience the advantages of 100% uptime and swap-on-the-fly capabilities. These features have significant ROI allowing medical practitioners to concentrate on caring for their patients, while significantly lessening system redundancies and increasing the overall safety mobile power offers institutions. It greatly expands meaningful use at all stages. In everything we do, every decision we make, every product or service we provide, we believe it is a step in gaining your trust and confidence.

As part of the Vitec Videocom group of companies with headquarters in Shelton, CT, USA, we have a worldwide footprint, with additional offices in Brazil, UK, France, Netherlands and Singapore.

Anton/Bauer, Mobile Power. Perfected.

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Anton/Bauer knows the importance of recycling. We take great care to dispose of all materials properly.

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